Our Process

Customizable. Efficient. Headache free.

Filling any position in a company can be stressful and uncertain. Not with SelectLinx. With over 25 years of experience and an insightful array of assessments, we lead you toward top tier candidates every time.


Identify your needs

The first part of our process is getting to know your business or organization and the culture that goes with it. This is not a step that puts your company in a box, this is the beginning of a relationship. We want to find candidates that not only match your criteria, but mesh with your organization as a whole.


Advanced Screening

Creating an engaging job description is an art and putting it on the right job sites is a mad science. But don’t worry - we’ve got this. Along with external postings, SelectLinx has a network of highly qualified candidates who may be exactly what you’re looking for.


Candidates on the table

After comprehensive screening, you are presented with experienced and talented potential employees that match your expectations. Just as important, we learn about the expectations of the candidate. Before we go any farther we check to make sure everyone is on the same page.



A legal and expertly conducted interview is completed by one of our key staff. Each interview is compliant to EEOC standards. We review each facet of a candidate; prior work experience, education, track record, specific skills, and other critical components to determine if they’re a true gem.


Online Assessments

After detailing the findings of the interview, we move along to candidate assessment. We recommend a trifecta of assessments to gain an even deeper understanding of the selected candidates. These assessments look at key motivators, behavioral preferences and acumen capacity index. A study conducted by Cornell University and the Gevity Institute concluded that a hiring process that includes objective assessments are highly effective in determining “best fit” employees. What this means for you is more revenue, faster revenue growth, and less employee turnover.


Guesswork Eliminated!

Comprehensive Screening. Expert Analysis. Detailed diagnostic assessments. Be confident that you are now making the most informed hiring decision. Companies using our method have an 84% higher retention rate than those who do not. So feel confident as you welcome the newest member of your team.

Based on a study completed by Cornell University and Gevity Institute, a company's performance will increase when using a "best fit" employee selection process that includes assessments: