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SelectLinx is an outsourced hiring and human resources solutions service that is customizable to your business. Break away from the old model of employee recruitment. SelectLinx doesn’t just fill desks; we identify the right employees that are the perfect fit for your organization.

We use a performance-based interview process combined with cutting edge diagnostic assessments to determine the ideal candidate. We get you from job posting to job offer efficiently, comprehensively, and without any of the headaches.

Unstructured interviews explain only 14 percent of a potential employee's performance.

Schmidt & Hunter


SelectLinx has been an invaluable resource in helping us select talent over several years! In addition to hiring, SelectLinx has assisted us in building better managers and better teams within our organization. SelectLinx staff is very capable, professional and responsive! The insight provided in the hiring and performance management process in our company has assisted us in growing as an organization.

Kathleen Fay, Chief Financial Officer
Mazzella Companies

Zinc Insurance is completely dependent on talent if our organization is to succeed. In other words, we win with people! Before working with Sherry Hribar that was an unmanaged process mostly dependent on gut and luck. Neither of which I can count on, as our business has grown in complexity and size. SelectLinx gives our team the tools and process they need to attract, manage, and retain the best people. Winning with people is hard enough, it becomes impossible when you have the wrong people. SelectLinx helps us get the human thing right!

Seth A Zaremba, Owner
Zinc Insurance

The SelectLinx process has been ideal for us. SelectLinx saves us significant time by handling the administrative aspects and professional interviewing skills we are not large enough to have in-house, consults on general recruiting process best practices, while still involving us in the key aspects where our input is still critical. The quality of our hires has improved dramatically since partnering with SelectLinx.

Matt Budde, Co-CEO and Chairman
Hayward Distributing

SelectLinx is truly a partner in every aspect of improving our Human Capital, their recruiting process goes beyond filling out standard forms, rather, they get to know you, your managers and more importantly the candidates. The SelectLinx process is a win/win for the employer and candidate. It has dramatically improved our hiring process.

Andrew Outcalt, Chief Growth Officer
Hinkley Lighting, Inc.



Select, interview, and assess for best fit candidates.

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